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                Perry Church


Woman's Fellowship

will be held 





Men's Fellowship


will be held on

Friday April 28th at 6:30

at the home of Edwin Baez



FLCF is a Word-Centered Church where the Bible is Preached, Taught and Lived in Obedience to the Lordship of Jesus. It is a ministry that earnestly contends for the Faith, emphasizing Sound Biblical Doctrine.

(John 17:17, Jude 3, Luke 9:23)


At FLCF you will not be entertained and spoon fed the latest fads and follies of the contemporary church world.

You will not be treated to fluffy sermons consisting of pop psychology, amateur success-motivation seminars or strange and bizarre demonstrations claiming to represent the Holy Spirit; nor will you experience a constant barrage of fund-raisers and long drawn out money begging offerings!


What you will experience at FLCF is strong, sound Bible teaching designed to help you get to know your Lord and Savior, our First Love, Jesus Christ!


THERE IS A DIFFERENCE AT FIRST LOVE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP. At FLCF, we put relationship with HIM and one another FIRST in everything we do. 


Come experience the difference at First Love Christian Fellowship, where Jesus Christ is our First Love.












Upcoming events

Home Fellowship



Will be held at the home of


Don and Norma Reed


located at 85 Mayberry Dr.E. Cheektowaga




call the Church at 685-0401

for more information


(or 346-7446 if you can't reach anyone at the Church)



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